As a successful professional with multiple degrees I struggled to understand why I couldn't shake my feelings of anxiety and fear. Pharmaceuticals were used to mask the feelings for a couple of years before I needed something more. I decided to seek professional counseling to help me move forward in life. Fortunately for me, Gene responded to my message and I got an appointment quickly. With her help I was able to identify and overcome the obstacles that were the source of my pain and anxiety. She was the kind, compassionate, and non-judgmental ear that I needed to help me deal with a rape from over a decade ago. As a "strong" female I thought I had buried the event 11 years ago. However, with Gene's help I was able to break apart the events of that night and let them go. She helped me build a confident internal thinking to match the confidence I exhibited externally. Though the process was not easy; Gene was always tuned into what my needs were and made me feel comfortable. She not only provided great one-on-one sessions but also gave me many resources to use outside of her office. With time, my anxiety decreased and I become more self-aware and less worrisome.

Gene, thank you for helping me become strong enough to say I am a survivor and know the difference between what I can and cannot control throughout my life!


Before I started seeing Gene I felt lost, alone, and extremely depressed. The feelings had became overwhelming and really started to affect my marriage. My husband and I felt like a dark cloud was always following us around. When I started seeking counseling my husband didn't think it would do the trick, but he was wrong. My first meeting with Gene I felt like she was the only one that really understood my situation. I no longer felt trapped. My life now is in a place that it's never been before. My husband will tell everyone that therapy has been the best medicine for me and our marriage. I will be grateful to Gene and the people at Comprehensive Counseling Solutions Inc.