Family Therapy

Comprehensive Counseling SolutionsFamily therapy involves a whole family, or several family members, all meeting with a therapist. Family therapy can be helpful if a family is having problems getting along. It can also be used with one family member has a problem, and family relationships may be contributing to or maintaining the problem. In many cases the problem may be exhibited by a child, but this is not always the case.

Family therapy is often recommended if a child has a behavior problem. Some family therapists see the child with the problem as the "scapegoat" and view the problem as actually residing within the family system. Eating disorders in adolescents are often treated with family therapy. Family therapists avoid blaming any family member for the problems, rather they help the family interact in different ways that may solve the problem.

Every family has issues-it's natural given the ebb and flow of human emotions. But they don't all have to be insurmountable. We can help you rediscover the beauty and magic of finding comfort within your family with our expert, caring family therapy. Please contact us today to schedule a consultation for family counseling.