Treatment Specializations

Depression: Learn to manage symptoms of depression which can range from mild to severe.

Anxiety: Explore thoughts, feelings and behaviors that contribute to the symptoms of anxiety and work to manage or eliminate them.

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder: Process the effects of the traumatic experience through trauma focused therapy.

Traumatic Experiences: Work through traumatic events and their impact on a person. This can include life events or transitions, accidents, abuse, death, or catastrophic events.

Abuse (Physical, Emotional or Sexual): Coming to terms with abuse and working through feelings surrounding the abuse and the abuser.

Grief and Loss: Work through the stages of grief and the mourning experience.

School Concerns: Deal with academic, behavioral or social issues (such as bullying, peer relations, poor social skills).

Parenting: Learn what are appropriate behaviors for your child's age. Gain tools to deal with problem behaviors or your child's specific needs.

Relationship Issues: Work through problem areas with others (family members, friends, dating/romantic relationships, co-workers/bosses/employees, teachers, etc.)

Self Esteem: Improve one's perception of self image, worthiness, and confidence.

Life Transitions: Guide through changes related to age, home environment/family structure, education, employment, physical health issues.

Panic Disorders: Deal with severe anxiety and work to decrease or eliminate panic attacks.

Divorce: Grieve the loss of the relationship, adjust to shifting family roles and guide children through changes in family routine and structure.

Emotion Regulation: Identify various feelings and learn how to cope with them.

Anger Management: Learn to express intense feelings of anger in a healthier way.

Behavior Management and Modification: Target children's specific behavioral problems and find effective ways to manage them.

Self Care: Address life situations that prevent one from having optimal physical, mental and emotional good health to include improved hygiene and daily functioning.